105 minutes | Mar 29th 2021

Con Air 2: Air Con

It's been... ooh, three weeks since we last did a Nicholas Cage movie on this podcast. What can we say, the man has our heart - and the utterly demented Con Air has been on our to-do list for quite some time. Tune into this week's episode to hear our thoughts on cocaine-fuelled dialogue, wandering accents, soiled bunnies, *that* hairstyle and much, much more! ----- Beyond the Box Set is a movie podcast with a twist. Each week we take a look at a well-known standalone movie and compete to pitch ridiculous sequel, prequel and spin-off ideas to bring them back to the big screen.  If you enjoy this week's show, please hit subscribe to receive a brand new episode every Monday morning. You can also sign up to our Patreon to help support our show and access a number of incentives, including a weekly bonus show, extended episodes, a regular on-air promo slot and much more, all available for as little as $2 per month. beyondtheboxset.com patreon.com/beyondtheboxset twitter.com/beyondtheboxset facebook.com/beyondtheboxset instagram.com/beyondtheboxset 00.00: Plumbing new depths of insanity 1.14.30: Con Air Drinking Games 1.21.10: Con Air sequel pitches 1.33.30: Listener Submissions & Episode 211 Preview
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