54 minutes | Dec 25th 2019

SC100: Dr. Calvin Mackie, the Educator, Entrepreneur and Founder of STEM-NOLA

Hurricane Katrina was devastating on several levels, but it was the  event that freed Dr. Calvin Mackie and enabled him to walk in his purpose.  A lifelong resident of New Orleans, Dr. Mackie has a passion educating others on the boundless opportunities in STEM.    He created STEM-NOLA to expose, inspire and engage members in New Orleans and surrounding communities about the opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). 

Now celebrating its sixth year, STEM-NOLA is sustainable STEM education model that is being replicated across the country. 

Dr. Mackie received a BS in Mathematics from Morehouse College and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech.  He went on to earn a Masters and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech.