35 minutes | Sep 22, 2020

Recovery Is Different For Everyone with Andre Viel

Vision: A purposeful lifestyle for everyone.Mission: To guide individuals and their loved ones to create a purposeful lifestyle they love by leveraging his personal experiences and knowledge.Values: Family, Freedom, Growth, Love, LoyaltyAndre is an empowering certified recovery coach, family recovery coach and interventionist who has traveled all over the world to deepen his understanding of holistic approaches. He genuinely feels that his purpose is to help people living with mental health and addictions and their families heal and navigate recovery. He is the bestselling author of, The Recovery Lifestyle and has created two online group coaching programs. These programs are designed to help people in recovery and their familiescreate a recovery lifestyle that will allow them to start loving and living life. Andre has overcome many challenges with addiction and mental health and with his acquirededucation, he is certainly more than ready to help others do the same. He joined the Addictions Academy as our knowledgeable “Train the Trainer” of Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. He also does supervision and teaches all online Family Recovery Coaching Certification courses.Furthermore, as his passion for helping others grows, he continuously works hard to gain knowledge and expertise on different ways to help clients through their experiences. Thus, heproudly holds a university certificate in mental health and addiction from Ryerson University inToronto. To add to his training, he has obtained a certification in Mindfulness-Based AddictionRecovery (MBAR) in the United Kingdom (UK) and he is also an acudetox practitioner havingcompleted training with the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA). Inaddition, Andre obtained a meditation facilitator certificate through Naturality, recognized bythe Canadian Yoga Alliance and Andre has also done some training under Dr. Gabor Mate inCompassionate Inquiry.Despite multiple challenges and setbacks, Andre has gained a remarkable positive outlook onlife through perseverance, determination, and fortitude. Andre is a very resilient person whonever gave up and has found strength and courage to push through hard times his whole life.Throughout his life and career, Andre was a high achiever in territory development for over 10years and a business owner for 5 years and had to resume due to attending rehab treatment.As such, he brings his personal experience and a wealth of addiction recovery knowledge tothe clients he serves. Andre has been a leader since childhood in many sports especiallyhockey, playing Triple A and was even invited to the Quebec Junior Majors tryouts. On his down time, Andre enjoys hockey, golf, baseball, meditation and the outdoors. Andre truly believes that with the right guidance, support and attitude, anything is possible. Let Andre help with the mind shift and lifestyle changes that can help set you free from the coping skill we call addiction. To learn more about Andre, visitMake sure to Stay Connected with Rob during the week via any of the below social media platforms:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RobLohmanLiftedFromTheRut/ Twitter: @RobLohmanInstagram: @roblohmanliftedfromtherut LinkedIn: @robertlohmanYouTube: Rob Lohman BroadcastsWebsite: www.liftedfromtherut.comPhone: 970-331-4469Email: rob@liftedFromTheRut.com
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