48 minutes | Sep 24th 2018

Carly Evans - Astrology as Therapist

“Scorpio is the underworld, the skeletons in our closet... And here comes this bright, shiny light [Jupiter] being like ‘Hey, let’s look at that,’ and pretty much in tandem with Jupiter’s onset to Scorpio, the MeToo movement popped up.”

In this interview Carly explains how we can look to astrology to better understand the energy that was the impetus for the MeToo movement - and where we are headed, if we do The Work. We also touch on the basics of astrology, how it can be used as a therapeutic modality and get into a few examples from my own birth chart.


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[Please note that Carly no longer does readings at Shadow Emporium, as referenced in the interview. Contact her directly to set up a reading.]

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