60 minutes | Apr 22, 2021

Gaining Clarity as an Entrepreneur with Matthew Korban

Business and health coach Matthew Korban returns to chat with A.J. about binding the different parts of the entrepreneurial journey. Korban talks about accountability, motivation, gaining clarity, and creating value that can make our lives better. Listen to his experiences and how he delivers promising results in harmony.

On today’s podcast:

  • Catching up with Korban since his last visit - 1:56
  • Helping people find clarity in the new normal - 3:57
  • Korban helps people find the real answers to their problems - 9:22
  • How people are getting clarity amid Covid-19 - 12:50
  • Incorporating yoga into business efforts - 19:01
  • Why Korban decided to incorporate business and life/health coaching - 22:56
  • What is happiness? - 30:07
  • “Fear will never go away…it really depends on how we perceive fear and how we let fear follow us.” - 36:22
  • How to use fear to build a life for your children - 39:10
  • ”You should be worried if you’re indifferent.” - 41:28
  • How Korban looks at his legacy - 42:56
  • “You can play with products, but do not play with humans.” - 47:14

 Key Takeaways: 

  • Ask yourself the why’s and hold yourself accountable
  • A lot of times we do not consider the pressure around us
  • It's not about being happy, it's about the actions you take to fulfill what does
  • Happiness is subjective
  • Let the element of fear be on your side help and fuel you towards something better

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