15 minutes | Jul 11, 2019

Escape from New York: Lessons from TCRWP (and home improvement projects). 🔨

Episode #20: Escape From New York It’s hard to believe, but the Johns do have separate lives and families. During this summer, the Johns are traveling and sharing their experiences individually. They remain united in their commitment to collaborate with their PLN, find #DifferenceMakers, and learn with others. Please rate and review us on iTunes, that helps others find out about our podcast. Connect with us on Twitter @staumont and @jmartinez727 and check out our website betweenthejohns.com In this episode, John Staumont shares a shout out to @btwntheladies new podcast on literacy. He also laments home improvement projects during vacation. Finally, John shares some of his experiences and learning with the 26th annual Institute of the Teaching of Reading at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. Rate and review us in iTunes, check out our website, www.betweenthejohns.com Music by Bensound.com Sirens clip by BBC Sound Effects We are elementary school principals in Rowland Unified School District in Southern California. We have launched this podcast as part of our inquiry to learn, share and apply effective leadership practice. Join our Personal Learning Network as we learn, grow, and connect with others.
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