37 minutes | Feb 25, 2019

BTJ Episode 011

Episode #11: Embracing Failure In this episode, we talk about embracing failure. We all fail and we need to be comfortable with failing if we are going to get better in our work. As we think about and set big goals, how can embracing failure help us achieve the outcomes we desire?   Resources Mentioned in E11 Write a Failure Résumé to Learn What Makes You Succeed Good to Great, Jim Collins Google X, Moonshot Factory The Hero’s Journey monomyth, Joseph Campbell Rising Strong, Brené Brown Michael Jordan - “Failure (video)   Dear Johns Segment In this segment, we answer questions from our listeners. Feel free to DM us on our Twitter account, @BetweentheJohns   Music by Bensound.com   We are elementary school principals in Rowland Unified School District in Southern California. We have launched this podcast as part of our inquiry to learn, share and apply effective leadership practice.   Join our Personal Learning Network aimed to support, scale, and sustain technology integration and innovation. Follow us @betweenthejohns and check out our website, betweenthejohns.com.
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