27 minutes | Dec 7th 2020

Special Edition - Harry Tomi Davies: Driving Change in Africa

In a special edition of Betting on Yourself, host Michael Redd partnered with his friends at Empower Africa for an exclusive podcast episode – as part of their virtual networking event – to help drive business and growth in Africa.

Guest Harry Tomi Davies (aka TD) is an advisor, author, public speaker, and angel investor.

“Measure life, not by money, but by time, because that’s what life really is. It’s about how you spend the experiences.” – Harry Tomi Davies

TD spoke with Michael about a journey that began over 30 years ago with his first startup, what he sees for business growth in Africa over the next ten years, the times he’s bet on himself, and why it’s so important to measure your success in life by the improvements you make for others.

TD mentors entrepreneurs and invests in startups through TVCLabs, a technology business accelerator based in Lagos. He is also the co-founder of the Lagos Angel Network (LAN), the founding President of the African Business Angel Network (ABAN), a board member at MBO Capital, L4L Nigeria, and other various startups in Africa.

To learn more about the amazing things happening to drive growth in Africa – and receive information on future events – please visit EmpowerAfrica.com.

In this episode Michael and TD talked about:

  • TD’s origin story of passion, faith, and servant leadership
  • Why he chose to go to college in the US against his father’s wishes
  • How the future of Africa is being built by young tech entrepreneurs
  • His advice to entrepreneurs in a post-pandemic economy
  • How Empower Africa builds awareness to that region of the world
  • And more!

To ask a question, read the transcript, or learn more, visit MichaelRedd.com.


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