40 minutes | Jan 11th 2021

Christoph Sonnen: Waiting for the Perfect Wave

Entrepreneur and venture capital expert, Christoph Sonnen, reunited with host Michael Redd to talk about his road to success and what betting on yourself really means to him.

“Great business ideas are like surfing. You won’t make it if you’re too early, you won’t make it if you’re too late.” – Christoph Sonnen

Christoph is the co-founder and CEO of leAD sports accelerator and is also a partner at ADvantage Sports Tech Fund, joining forces with Jeremy Pressman and friend Michael Redd with a commitment to invest in early-stage tech companies shaping the future of sports.

Over the last 20 years, he has founded, managed, and sold several businesses, structured funds, investments, and accelerator projects.‍ He is passionate about building the right team and believes in having the vision to be able to see the next big thing.

A world-class surfer, Christoph compares entrepreneurship and building a business to waiting for the perfect wave. That success is not so much about being the best, but knowing when to make your move as you see it.

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In this episode Michael and Christoph talked about:

  • How great business ideas are like surfing
  • Why startups need to learn how to hold their breath underwater (without panicking)
  • Takeaways on Christoph’s first (and last) job at Red Bull
  • How he combined sports, tech, and his venture experience to great success
  • What the future of sports tech looks like
  • The challenges and rewards of venture life
  • And more!

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