47 minutes | Aug 25, 2021

Thyroid Optimization & Metabolism

We take a deep dive into understanding the role of the Thyroid and how to optimize it. We discuss thyroid metabolism, signs of poor thyroid function, hypo vs hypothyroidism, differences between T3 and T4, and how to properly support your thyroid.  


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 Episode Overview: 

  • 4:30 Introduction
  • 5:33 Hypo and Hyper Thyroid Function
  • 8:10 Metabolism
  • 10:50 What Does The Thyroid Do?
  • 12:23 Signs Of Poor Thyroid Function
  • 21:33 Depression
  • 24:17 Irregular Menstrual Cycle
  • 25:19 How To Treat Thyroid Issues
  • 29:20 T3, T4
  • 30:00 Leaky Gut & Gluten
  • 33:46 How To Support Thyroid
  • 38:48 Nutrition
  • 44:30 Conclusion


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