83 minutes | Oct 4, 2021

Breath with James Nestor

Your breath is a powerful force of nature. Tune in to this episode with James Nestor, accomplished author, and breathwork expert to find out how to master your breath and unlock countless benefits. In the episode, we discuss James’ experience in his clinical trial of mouth breathing for 10 days and the findings that followed. He explains the problems that arise from long-term mouth breathing and how breathing through your nose is an absolute game-changer. We talk about the development of the mouth, oral posture, and how it can hinder efficient breathing. We give advice on the correct breathing habits to adopt, ways to improve sleep with mouth tape, breathwork techniques, and breathing for your parasympathetic.  We’d like to thank our sponsors, Athletic Greens - redeem an exclusive offer here: athleticgreens.com/stephanieOrion Red Light Therapy - get 10% off your order with Promo Code “STEPHANIE10” https://www.orionrlt.ca/?ref=StephanieLumen - get $25 off your order with Promo Code “DRSTEPHANIE25” https://www.lumen.me/?fid=1799Ancestral Supplements - Use Promo Code “ASA10” for 10% off any purchase https://shop.ancestralsupplements.com/discount/Tribe10?rfsn=5900205.652074&utm_source=refersion&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=5900205.652074 Some of the links above are affiliate which means that making a purchase through them won’t cost you anything - in fact, you get a discount for being a valued listener to the Better! Podcast. We do receive a small commission. This is an easy, free way of supporting the podcast and we thank you for that! Connect with James: https://www.mrjamesnestor.com/breath Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrjamesnestor  And follow me on social:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dr.stephanie.estimaFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/betterwithdrstephanie  Join the Hello Betty Community here - https://hellobetty.club/membership/ Episode Overview: 6:30 Introduction9:30 James’s First Breath Experience14:40 Observations Of Free Diving19:31 James’s Clinical Trial of Mouth Breathing25:45 Changes From Mouth Breathing Experiment28:24 Problems Long Term Mouth Breathing30:48 Soft Foods and Development Of Mouth35:00 Dentistry and Orthodontics39:26 What You Can Do To Expand Your Airways44:43 Oral Posture & Diaphragmatic Breathing49:53 How Your Body Has The Power To Adapt52:36 How We Can Correct Your Breathing Habits55:19 Fixing Breathing During Sleep with Sleep Tape1:04:28 Breathwork Techniques1:07:54 Panic Attacks & Anxiety With Over Breathing1:11:18 The Perfect Breath1:15:37 Breathing For Parasympathetic1:17:54 Connecting With James Get yourself a copy of my best-selling book, The Betty Body - https://bettybodybook.comJoin the Hello Betty Community here - https://hellobetty.club/membership/
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