47 minutes | Aug 4th 2020

Z. Tholussum (The Beautiful Translucent Snail) and The Creatures of the Lukina Jama Cave

In Coffee and Complain, Amber discusses the 'joys' of the American Health Care System, and why we're recording this episode on zoom. Murder hornets are now definitely a thing in the USA. Good times. Good times. Jennifer talks zombie fungus in cicada and why Donald wants to ban TikTok in the US. (Follow Amber on TikTok at https://www.tiktok.com/@l_a_mander)

Then onto this weeks topic, Zospeum tholussum a cute, translucent snail that was recently discovered. They are a cave-dwelling species of air-breathing land snails found only in the Lukina Jama Cave, which is located in the Velebit caves systems of Croatia. The "Lukina jama" cave is the 14th deepest cave in the world and the deepest cave in southeast Europe. We also discuss the other new species discovered in the cave systems.

Note: Jennifer meant Emma Stone NOT Emma Watson and Amber was talking about the Netflix show Maniac.

For more information on the speleologists, go to their website: https://speleologija.eu/velebita/indexen.html

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