55 minutes | Aug 20th 2020

Queen Alexandra's Birdwing, The Largest Butterfly (Not Bird) in the World

On coffee and complain, we talk Trump lacking basic human emotions, and how his attempt to destroy the Post Office could lead to an unstable government. 

Then onto this week’s topic, the big ass butterfly called Queen Alexandra's Birdwing, which is the largest butterfly in the World and is definitely not a bird.

The interesting discovery of this Butterfly involved an English naturalist, a 2nd Baron, and was named after royalty. 

The Queen Alexandra's birdwing is an endangered animal which is restricted to approximately 40 square miles of coastal rainforest in Papua New Guinea.

Jennifer manages to talk about platypus twice this episode, and Amber gets real dark towards the end. 

Don’t murder butterflies, they pollinate plants, they’re pretty and we like them. And enjoy this episode on this astounding Insecta.

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Also, Jennifer said placenta, but she meant umbilical cord, around 28:00 into the episode.