61 minutes | Jul 1st 2020

Parrots parroting people?

On August 24th, 2019, 23-year-old Elijah McClain was walking home after buying some tea at a local convenience store when he was murdered by Aurora Police. Please sign the Change.org petition for Justice for Elijah McClain, and so that his killers finally face consequences.


After signing the petition, please listen and learn why parrots are better than human in this week's episode. 

Parrots are among the most intelligent birds, and some have the ability to imitate human speech, often to humorous results.  Not only have parrots demonstrated intelligence through scientific testing of their language-using ability, but also some species of parrots, such as the kea, are also highly skilled at using tools and solving puzzles, some have the intelligence levels of 4-year-old human children. Parrots can practice acts of kindness, and use specialized calls to communicate with their friends. How does this make better then human? Listen and learn more.

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