61 minutes | Jul 29th 2020

Lucy in the Sky with Magic (Psilocybin) Mushrooms, From Prehistory into Modern Times.

This week in Coffee and Complain, a supernova exploded and threw a small dwarf star, but forget about that! That's science, and the Trump administration said we shouldn't listen science.

And now for something completely different!

Did you know there is a church in Mexico that was built in honor of a fungus? To be more specific, the church built around a very special mushroom, a magic mushroom.  

Magic mushrooms, or more technically Psilocybin, are found all over the world and have a rich history throughout many different cultures. Though it is hard to be certain of their ancient history, magic mushrooms have been used  in many different religious ceremonies, especially for Pagan gods. Though Christianity attempted to squash the ritualistic use of mushrooms, the ceremonies survived and ironically, it was these ceremonies that re-introduced the Western culture to magic mushrooms. 

Listen and learn about Psilocybin mushroom from prehistory into modern times. 

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