59 minutes | Aug 13th 2020

I Want A Hippopotamus ... Wait, Never Mind, Hippopotamus Are Terrifyingly Deadly

In Coffee and complain: Was Beirut Explosion Caused By a Missile? Did The Simpsons predicted the Beirut explosion? The answer is clearly no.

Our topic this week is the delightful, magnificent, and terrifyingly deadly Hippopotamus, which would NOT make a good Christmas gift. Despite their adorable deadliness, Hippos were almost brought to America for meat via the Hippo Bill. It's probably for the best that Hippopotamus never made into the US as Hippos are very aggressive and unpredictable creatures, with long sharp teeth. They are one of the worlds most dangerous animals, though that doesn't save them from being poached.

Though their territory once ranged across Europe, Asia, and Africa, the species currently only resides in Africa. Well, except the cocaine hippos... But we'll tell you more about that in this week's episode on the very adorable, but very deadly, Hippo.

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