50 minutes | Sep 16th 2020

Heroes of the Animal Kingdom: Dogs, Giant Tortoises, Pigeons, and More

As a disclaimer, Better Than Humans does not condone animals sacrificing their lives for humans. We love animals. This whole podcast is about how animals are better than human. But this week we wanted to highlight and celebrate some heroic deeds by heroic animals that saved humans or their own species from extinction. 

Listen as Jennifer and Amber tell the amazing tales of animal heroes from of Trackr, a German shepherd dog who sniffed out survivors after 9/11, and the amazing messenger pigeon who saved two hundred soldiers during WWI to tales of beavers saving a young boy in Canada, a part wolfdog who saved his human pact from drowning, and Diego the Tortoise who helped save his species one female Tortoise at a time.

Then lastly we learn what a Sheep, Rooster, and a Duck have in common. 

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