48 minutes | Nov 17th 2020

Hellbender: The Sentinel Snot Otter

This week’s topic, Hellbenders Salamanders. Also called snot otter, lasagna lizard, devil dog, mud-devil, Allegheny alligator, and mud dog, Hellbenders are the largest salamanders of North America.

But, first we talk about the stupidest things humans do, like laundry, and somehow the topic turns to cults, especially one of the most famous, called People Temple led by Jim Jones. 

The origin of the name "hellbender" is unclear, and probably derived from colonists who did not think these salamanders are as cute as Jennifer thinks they are. Despite misconceptions, Hellbenders are not poisonous; they just produce a lot of slime to protect themselves. Considered a "habitat specialist," Hellbenders have adapted to fill a specific niche within a very specific environment, and their presence shows a healthy ecosystem. So, yes, the males may like to cannibalize eggs, but that isn’t want is causing them to be endangered. That is, of course, is humans fault and the stupid Trump administration. Why should we save this interesting animal? Listen now to find out. 

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