64 minutes | Oct 7th 2020

Halloween Part 1: Zombies in Nature Are Scarier Than Those in Film and Television

It’s the first week of October, so put on your weird hat and get ready for Better Than Human’s first Halloween themed episode on Zombies, in pop culture and in nature. (Yes, there are zombies in nature, according to Jennifer). 

First for Coffee and Complain: Designers, please make women’s clothing with pockets. 

And now for the main attraction: Zombies. The ideology of zombies were introduced to Western Culture from Haitian folklore, where the dead can be controlled by a malicious voodoo practitioner. Since then, Zombies have evolved drastically in pop culture, starting with the 1932 movie White Zombie, where a zombie was just a person under mind control, to Zombieland, where they are fast-moving, reanimated corpses. 

But what actually is a zombie? And could they actually exist in our world? 

Amber puts an argument forward that zombies do not and cannot exist in humans. Jennifer presents all the evidence from nature to prove that humans could exist in humans. (And trust us, zombies is nature are more terrifying than zombies in film.) Which sister do YOU think won the argument?  

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