33 minutes | Jul 22nd 2020

GMOs Continued: Genetically Modified Humans?

In Coffee and Complain, Amber discusses an article about research that found people who refuse to social distance are not as intelligent as those who do. So if you want dump people to social distance then we need to dumb down how we explain the need for masks to them.

Then onto this weeks topic, a continuation of last week's episode on genetically modified organisms. First we talk genetically modified bugs. Should we eradicate mosquitoes from the face of the Earth?  We can make a good argument for GMO mosquitoes, but what about humans? Genetically modifying humans is a huge moral grey area. If we can eliminate genetic disorders from humans before they're born should we, or could this lead to a slippery slope of designer baby?  Who knows, we don't know, but these are important questions we must ask, sooner rather than later.

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