49 minutes | Jun 23rd 2020

Episode 25: Unicorns, The Myths, The Legends

It is believed that the first Unicorn image was recorded by the Indus Valley Civilization on the Unicorn Seal found at the archaeological site Mohenjo-daro, but it was the Greeks that popularized the creature. Greeks did not think that Unicorns were myths, they recorded them in their history books. Then they became popular during the middle ages, due to a poor translation of the bible, and from the rediscovery of Greek writings. But how did they go from a symbol of religion in the Middle Ages to our modern pop culture icon? And how did they become so ingrained in our culture? Learn more in this week's episode of Better Than Human. 

Note: Jennifer meant Plato not Aristotle at the beginning of the episode, and Amber was right, it was Robot Chicken. (Amber is always right ;p)

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