60 minutes | Nov 10th 2020

A Phew Skunk Facts and Why You Shouldn't Consider Skunks Pests

What’s most exciting about this 2020 American Election is that we, Americans, elected someone who believes in science. Sad, but true. There are going to be actual scientist in charge of the EPA and CDC. There are going to be actual professionals in different cabinet positions instead of people looking out only for their own interests. Hey, we might even decide to start taking global climate change seriously. 

The immediate future is even more unpredictable than usual, but what we do know is that Better Than Human is here with a phew skunk facts, and to tell you that you shouldn't judge skunks based on their smell.  Skunks are actually adorable, even if they have  scent glands that allow them to spray noxious chemicals with a high degree of accuracy, as far as 10 feet. 

Skunks are omnivorous that can easily adapt to human environments, which is why you might find them hanging out in your backyard. But why are Skunk’s better than human? Listen now to find out.