62 minutes | Dec 10th 2018

19. Secrets of the Bedroom (live)

What's the secret to.... having a threesome? Having anal sex pleasurably? Using a strap-on? Or keeping sex fresh in a long-term relationship?    Everything is on the table at our live podcast, which was recorded on International Women's Day, and featured a panel of our favourite podcast guests and sex experts answering burning questions crowdsourced from our audience, i.e. you!   We laughed (and maybe died a little inside) over the awkward sex stories that were shared and some of the things you wished more of your partners knew in the bedroom.    This episode celebrated a significant milestone for our podcast, and we are grateful to everyone who contributed in helping us make sex something we all want to talk about!    --- Want to get even Better in Bed? Download the audio guide. Follow us on Instagram. Detailed show notes for this episode here.  Produced by Jye Smith (@jyesmith, jye@doublestar.co)  
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