67 minutes | Feb 12th 2018

12 Building your sex toy chest

There's lots to feel happy - or even "hysterical" - about on this episode, because its all about sex toys!

Sara and Jye record their very first mobile podcast at Hong Kong's female-friendly, intimate lifestyle store Sally Coco, surrounded by all the wonderful things that vibrate, pulsate and oscillate. We follow the personal journey of founder Vera Lui, who talks about how a vibrator changed her life and led her to start Sally Coco.

Discover the unlikely origins and evolution of sex toys, as well as what benefits they can bring to your sex life. We discuss what constitutes sex toy etiquette with a new partner, and Vera gives her special recommendations on how to choose a sex toy.

So whether you're a nervous beginner, adventurous couple, busy mom or student on a budget, its time to get buzzing!


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Produced by Jye Smith (@doublestarco, http://doublestar.co)

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