32 minutes | Sep 1, 2020

Summit Series: Season 2: Great Place to Work Interview with SVP, Chief Innovation & Diversity Officer, Tony Bond with Ellen McGirt, Senior Editor, Fortune

In this episode Tony Bond, SVP, Chief Diversity & Innovation Officer at Great Place to Work and Ellen McGirt, Senior Editor at Fortune magazine, share how important it is to stop fearing conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion. They share ways they believe you can safely bring up DE&I without having it come back on you in a negative way as well as their advice to leaders on how they must make these issues a top business priority. This interview also includes their sentiments on how under-representation is an embarrassing problem to have and how imperative it is that corporate leaders stop believing it's a competitive advantage to keep quiet about it. Their conversation will most likely make you feel frustrated on what hasn't been done, but will also leave you incredibly inspired that change can and will be made. Be sure to subscribe to McGirt's column "RaceAhead" HERE. 
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