35 minutes | Jun 6th 2019

Why Your Social Media Isn’t Working with Sonya McIntyre Reid


By now, most businesses have some kind of social media presence, but are you getting maximum return for your efforts?


Far from being a luxury, social media is now an essential business tool, one that not only tells the story of your business, but builds your brand, generates leads and helps you connect with an audience - whether it's in your neighbourhood, or around the world.


Yet many business owners can get caught in the trap of using it purely as an engagement tool. While everyone loves dog videos and a hilarious meme, this kind of content doesn't always translate into new business.


On the other hand, we've all seen businesses who use social media like a billboard, blasting a sales message until we don't pay attention anymore.


What is the right balance of content? How do we get the most from our social media, and more importantly, what are the common mistakes we should avoid?


In this episode we’re joined by Sonya McIntyre Reid from Kiss Marketing who helps shares her insights into social media marketing, including:


  • How to have conversations on social media, that lead to sales
  • The things you’re doing that you think are helpful, but are actually wasting your time
  • Organic vs Paid content, and how they work
  • Scheduling content, tools and how often you should post
  • Why 100 followers can be more valuable than 10,000
  • How great quality content beats frequency
  • Why you need to act like a human, not a brand


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