18 minutes | Aug 31st 2020

047 – The robots are coming. Are you ready?

A study predicts that all human tasks could be automated in the next 30 years. And that all human jobs might be replaced within the next 100 years or so. Holy crap! What will we do when the robots take over? A.I. is coming. The robots are coming. But are we ready?

In this Real English conversations podcast from Better at English, Lori and her American friend Will talk about their questions and concerns about the rise of A.I. (Artificial intelligence) and the automation of human labor. You can find the full transcript in my archive of English conversation transcripts for language learners.

Additional resources and supplementary material

Humans need not apply
Video about how automation and A.I. will affect the job market for humans

Robots will beat humans at every task


Traffic death statistics


Dirty, Dirty robots.

Funny (but still disturbing) video about A.I. from comedian Lee Camp

Link to original Yale / Oxford study about A.I.

This is for learners of academic English. People in the videos about A.I. summarize findings from this study. This is the actual academic study for comparison.

Elon musk on the Joe Rogan podcast, talking about A.I.


Elon Musk’s talk at SXSW


Ted talk with neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris


Sam Harris on the Joe Rogan Podcast


TED talk by Peter Haas A robot designer who is afraid of robots

The Real Reason to be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence

How frightened should be be of A.I.?

Article in the New Yorker, free, with full text and audio so you can read along as you listen.

Video about delivery robots