36 minutes | Aug 31, 2017

Ep 9: Ever thought of DECADENCE as a Planning tactic?

Ever thought of DECADENCE as a Planning tactic?   0:25 Why Decadence in the first place? 3:01 The Framework for using Decadence as means of Getting Things Done Marina’s blog post about Decadence as a tactic (and a #MomWin) 6:10 what happens when you give yourself permission to think decadently 7:50 the edge Decadence provides over linear planning - and when to use it 10:32 Would a visualization of Decadent Outcome prevent you from execution, by triggering the reward center in your brain, sapping the motivation to do the thing? 13:00 Shanna’s relaxed and effective method of using visualization to get unstuck 15:25 A lightweight version of Decadence - is there such a thing, and when it’s appropriate 19:30 A oak sap as a centerpiece for Shanna’s metaphor of building a business 23:54 How you cope when visualization brings up catastrophic scenarios? 28:40 What happens when you realize you’re living your worst-case scenario already? 32:09 Shanna’s outlook on Murphy’s law, coyotes, ravens, and other brave sailors, tinkers, and possibly spies 34:58 Using Decadence sparingly - why?  
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