46 minutes | Aug 24, 2017

Ep. 8: Helen Tremethick - Wolves are Pack Animals - We Need To Connect First

Wolves are Pack Animals -- We Need To Connect First   With us this week is Helen Tremethick, founder of The Communications Distillery, word weaver and client communicator extraordinaire.   2:00 The insight that made Helen better at business 7:00 The importance of having people who know what we’re going through 8:45 How Helen’s love notes create diehard fans and allies 11:00 How ‘hearing between the words’ is how people can connect with their clients 15:00 The emotional roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship 17:30 Helen’s top secrets to productivity: a blueline notebook and regular office hours 19:00 Pushing back against the hustle mentality and towards supportive systems so that you don’t need to hustle 19:40 How cancelling her data plan helps her maintain boundaries between work and play 23:30 Removing notifications or at least only whitelisting the most important contacts 25:00 Helen’s biggest business advice pet peeve 27:00 How trying to ‘lone wolf it’ feeds the inner critic 28:30 How to create graceful connections in a saturated landscape 32:30 Learning the ingredients of a conversation (or be the victim of formulaic marketing) 37:35 How much research is required to really ‘know’ your customer avatar? 40:40 How frequently to revisit your copy Links:   The Communications Distillery Helen’s Captivate framework
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