45 minutes | Sep 14, 2017

Ep. 11: Discussing Failure and What Constitutes “Successful Failure”

Discussing Failure and What Constitutes “Successful Failure”   1:45 - Shanna’s “superhuman” reaction to failure.3:05 - The correct ‘philosophy of failure’.5:44 - How to avoid the feeling of failure when comparing yourself to others.8:50 - Marina’s Hebrew catchphrase that encapsulates the philosophy9:30 - Shanna’s thoughts on how to avoid the paralysis that can be caused by the fear of failure (or the fear of success)13:00 Hedging as a technique for avoiding failure18:15 Marina’s example of a ‘failed’ launch and what she learned, as well as the perspective she’s gained21:02 Why the emotional reaction to failure can’t be allowed to derail the learning process.21:43 How mental models play into the philosophy of failure.24:00 How “It wasn’t Your Fault” implies that there *is* fault to be leveled-- and that’s damaging to the process of learning from failures26:00 “Every attempt is worth it, because it brings you some kind of result.” It’s just difficult to express.27:30 The place for emotions in the learning process32:30 How to view failure in business or creative processes-- it’s a lot like rebuilding a motor, which is to say, both mechanical and magical. 35:30 A few techniques for tracking down failure processes -- until Marina reins in Shanna’s rambling ;)39:30 Wrap-up: 3 types of failure  
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