56 minutes | Jun 14, 2021

Wedding Registry Do’s And Dont’s

This week, Jordana and Nicole are back and they kick things off with a few wedding planning updates! Nicole is just a few months out from her wedding and talks about what’s on her mind as she getting into crunch time, including the invitations, the wedding wardrobe, and final venue details. Then, Jordana and Nicole dive in to the week’s topic, giving their thoughts on wedding registries and a few ideas on how to approach it. They also list a few of their favorite registry items on their own lists and why they decided to include them. They even ponder the age old question of what are standing mixers even used for? Then, it’s time for the emails for the week. First, a bride writes in about the bizarre experience of a completely random person buying them one of the gifts from the wedding registry as random act of kindness. How do you even respond to that? Should your wedding registry be private? Then, another listener writes in about communicating to her makeup artist that she didn’t like her make-up trial. What’s the best way to tell them that she wants something completely different without being rude? After that, another bride writes in about noticing her fiancés receding hairline and wondering if she should offer solutions or just let nature take its course. What’s the best way of approaching telling your partner something about their appearance? They finish off the episode with another round of Unpopular Opinions, this time about the first look, open seating receptions, and reading speeches on your phone. 

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