59 minutes | Sep 27, 2021

How To Choose Which Co-Workers To Invite To Your Wedding

Jordana and Nicole are back with a new episode! Nicole starts off talking about how she feels now that her wedding is done and her thoughts on the dreaded ‘post-wedding blues.’ Jordana then shares a few updates from her own wedding that keeps getting closer and closer! They then get into a few emails from our listeners, which deal with topics like inviting your coworkers to the wedding, a day-of wedding dresser, and wearing a second look. They round it all out with a round of Unpopular Opinions brought to you by High Noon Hard seltzer about multiple MOH’s, line dances and cheesy songs, and Jack and Jill bach parties. Be sure to visit highnoonspirits.com to find out more about their delicious hard seltzer!
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