56 minutes | Aug 23, 2021

Avoiding Wedding Regret Ft. Sarah Merrill From Big Kid Problems

In this episode, Nicole hosts Sarah Merrill From Big Kid Problems to talk all about the wedding process from beginning to end. Sarah starts off by sharing her own wedding journey as a Corona bride and how she dealt with a few obstacles along the way. They also talk about the so-called “Post Wedding Blues” and how to make sure you are prioritizing the right things before, during, and after your wedding. After that, she shares a few tips about her beauty routine in preparation for the wedding and how she juggled everything at the same time. They end the episode with another round of Unpopular Opinions brought to you by High Noon Hard Seltzer, this time about bridal party introductions, bachelorette party benders, and wedding cake. Be sure to visit highnoonspirits.com to find out more about their delicious hard seltzer!
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