70 minutes | Oct 8th 2020

The Nose Knows - The Dangers of Mouth Breathing and What You Can Do About It with Patrick McKeown

We can all agree that if we don’t breathe, we don’t live. But have you given much thought on how you breathe? Have you heard of the term “functional breathing”? 

In this episode, Dr. Jay goes deep into the world of sleep with a pioneer in the world of functional breathing. His name is Patrick McKeown and if you’ve ever wondered about breathing you may have read his books called “Close Your Mouth” or “The Oxygen Advantage”.

Patrick McKeown is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading breathing re-education experts.

He’s been on just about every major health and wellness podcast including Bulletproof radio, Ben Greenfield, London Real, and many many more. He’s also a TEDx presenter, so you’re going to want to listen in on his incredible body of knowledge

A quick warning: we did a deep dive into sleep apnea medicine and talked about things like arousal thresholds and loop gain which got pretty technical in the first half of the show, but if it’s too technical you can fast forward to the second half where we talk about:

  • mouth taping
  • breathing for performance,
  • kids and breathing
  • why breathing hard and yoga may not be the best idea and more

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So I invite you to take a small breath in through your nose (not deep) a small exhale and on to the show!

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