67 minutes | Feb 23, 2021

#33 “The Water World Massacre” w/ Dex Carvey, Tom Carvey & Andy Southern | Best Champions Podcast

A podcast about everything with friends who know nothing! Every week Mike Masilotti sits down with some friends, and sometimes enemies, to talk about whatever makes them laugh.This week on BCP, we had Andy Southern from Obscure Nerd VR  and Dex & Tom Carvey! Rashad produced and we live streamed from the Third Wheel Podcast Studio in Mid City Los Angeles Follow the guests: Andy Southern ► @andysouthernIRLDex Carvey ► @dexcarveyTom Carvey.Bong Boop. Here's your soup! Thanks for watching!!To support the podcast check out https://www.patreon.com/MikeMasilottiFor upcoming Tour Dates go to ► http://www.MikeMasilotti.comFollow us!Mike Masilotti ► @MikeMasilottiThird Wheel Podcast Studio ► http://www.thirdwheelpodcaststudio.com and @ThirdWheelPodcastStudioBe sure to Subscribe to the Facebook and YouTube Channels to stay up on the Live show every Tuesday Morning at 10 AM (pst)
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