85 minutes | Feb 5th 2021

Episode 15: Nancy Kidder on Writing, Fighting, and Wining

Professor, writer and consultant Nancy Kidder joins Fernanda to talk about combat sports' impact on the English language, the misogyny inherent in "just not liking to see women fight :)", the consensual vs. non-consensual naked body, and much more. Find out more about Nancy's Writing and Fighting course at https://www.writeandfight.com/! Fanbyte Podcast Network (Hear more shows from the entire Fanbyte crew!) Follow us on Twitter (Stay up-to-date with our articles, live streams, game guides, and all things Fanbyte.) Talk to us on Discord (Join our amazing listeners to catch community events, post-podcast discussions, and more.) Twitch Live Streams (Hang out on our virtual couch every week as we play games LIVE.) Rate and review our show (Please show us your support by rating and reviewing our show to help spread the good word.)
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