84 minutes | Jun 13, 2021

#3 Sly King - Parentless and the memories that come with it, a testament of faith.

Today's guest is Sylvester King aka Sly King, the happy hour Birmingham, Alabama radio personality joins me in the room to talk about life before and after his parents. In this episode we chat about his dad who was also a radio presenter, the hero in his life growing up in a loving and supportive family. The sadness of not having his father who was in radio for 30 years to hear Sly on the radio, the milestones he reached without his father to witness them.  We unpack the impact of making difficult decisions around his parents health, our faith and ultimately the testament of faith when we are dealing with the inevitable that is death and grief.  A very reflective conversation with the Happy Hour radio personality at hot1077 from Birmingham, Alabama.  You can find Sly King on twitter and instagram. To donate to Bereavement Room and vote for us in the British Podcast Listeners Choice Award please see my Linktree.  Thanks for listening, Your host Callsuma Ali  
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