66 minutes | Dec 30, 2020

#16 End of season 2 reflections with Callsuma Ali

Today's episode is the last in Series 2. I begin with reading out some feedback and comments received over the past year followed by a reading of a heartfelt letter written by Tasneem and my own personal reflections. I close the episode with a Q&A, thank you to everyone that sent in questions. Covering off DNACPR, what makes someone comfortable in opening up in sharing a deeply personal account of their life, statutory bereavement leave and emotions.  Series 2 of BR bought us perspectives from an array of guests on why they do what they do while sharing their experiences of grief and loss.  I hope Bereavement Room Podcast bought love, light, knowledge and reflection to wherever you are in your journey.  To stay in touch please follow us on twitter and instagram and if you're listening in Apple Podcasts please leave a star rating and review so more people can find the podcast. See you in the same room in the summer of 2021. As always thanks for listening, Your host, Callsuma Ali
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