10 minutes | May 30, 2021

#1 Series 3 Trailer - The third and final season with Callsuma Ali

Hi Folks, it's the 3rd and final season of Bereavement Room Podcast, well time has flown in this room hasn't it! The final season is sponsored by friends near and far, some of my former guests, listeners and loyal supporters in the online grief community.  Bereavement Room is a British born podcast that garnered a worldwide listen, and so in the final season we will also be hearing from our friends across the pond in the states.  We will be covering family estrangement and abuse, what it means to grieve half way across the world and not make it on time for the funeral due to religious customs, the impact of child bereavement and the upheaval that comes with it and the loss of a father and how grief intersects with travel. What it means to be parentless and find meaning in life after both parents are no longer with us and how do we decolonize our mind, body and soul considering the collective history our ancestors, grandparents and parents have gone through.  I'll also be speaking to professionals in the psychology and healthcare fields, dissecting what it means to be informed, healthcare access, barriers and how to manage health for long term benefits.  Having gone through horrendous experiences in therapy, bereavement training, and my grief that followed after the death of my mother and brother at the hands of the system, the space I created here has been healing, loving, hilarious and heartbreaking all at once. The shock that followed in series 1 when my father suddenly died, this has been an experience I will never forget and will always treasure in my heart for it's sheer reflection and vulnerability, spiritual truth and meaning from the perspective of communities across the diaspora and myself where we very rarely get the opportunity to speak our truth.  I will close the podcast at the end of the season with a wrap of 3 seasons of Bereavement Room, my final reflections, what i learned and where do we go now? You can find Bereavement Room on twitter, instagram and Clubhouse by searching either my name or 'bereavement room' and to make a donation to keep the podcast up as long as possible please see the gofund me page to make a donation.  Thank you for joining me in this final season, i know how much Bereavement Room means to you and so i hope the final season brings love, light and reflection to wherever you are in the world.  Thank you for listening,  Your host, Callsuma Ali 
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