56 minutes | Sep 14, 2021

311 Katherine Carté, Religion and the American Revolution

Investigations of the American Revolution often include explorations of politics, ideology, trade and taxation, imperial control, and social strife. What about religion? What role did religion play in the American Revolution? Katherine Carté, an Associate Professor of History at Southern Methodist University and the author of Religion and the American Revolution: An Imperial History, joins us to investigate the role of religion in the American Revolution. Show Notes: https://www.benfranklinsworld.com/311 Join Ben Franklin's World! Subscribe and help us bring history right to your ears! Sponsor Links Omohundro Institute The Ben Franklin's World Shop Complementary Episodes Episode 025: Jessica Parr, Inventing George Whitefield Episode 134: Spence McBride, Clergymen and the Politics of Revolutionary America Episode 152: Origins of the American Revolution Episode 214: Christopher Grasso, Skepticism & American Faith Episode 307: Michael Hattem, History and the American Revolution Listen! Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcasts Amazon Music Ben Franklin's World iOS App Ben Franklin's World Android App Helpful Links Join the Ben Franklin's World Facebook Group Ben Franklin’s World Twitter: @BFWorldPodcast Ben Franklin's World Facebook Page Sign-up for the Franklin Gazette Newsletter
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