28 minutes | Sep 20, 2021

85. Why I Took a Mama Sabbatical

I have slowly emerged from my cocoon here in this outward facing internet space after taking a much-needed and restorative three-month mama sabbatical. My time was spent making my life as small and as energetically boundaried as possible so I could catch my breath, be with my baby as she turned one year old, and orient myself back to center enough to feel in my body again. I am now seeing how moving through this rite of passage of having a child has woven me even more deeply into alignment with the seasons and cycles of my wild body and spirit. So this episode of Belonging is a solo episode where I share how this time has been for me. I talk about the importance of admitting when you're over-capacity, recognizing when you're putting yourself last (especially as a parent), re-negotiating identity (why am I doing this?), being willing to question everything, my need to be seen as transforming, and coping with my grief by learning to make my world small. Find show notes for this episode here: https://beccapiastrelli.com/mama-sabbatical/ My book Root & Ritual: Timeless Ways to Connect to Land, Lineage, Community, and the Self is now available for pre-order! This book is a beautifully illustrated guide for connecting with the earth, your ancestors, and your communities as you come home to your whole self. In the book, I offer a pathway back to connection and wholeness through rituals, recipes, and ancestral wisdom. Pre-order yours at: http://rootandritualbook.com/ Follow Becca on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beccapiastrelli/
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