55 minutes | Sep 23rd 2019

Stop Sabotaging Yourself

We all have something we KNOW we should do...but that doesn't mean we actually do it. On this episode Dr. Hanson, Forrest, and Dr. Judy Ho explore the roots of self-sabotage, the four key elements that fuel self-sabotaging behavior, and how we can use tools from cognitive therapy to overcome those behaviors.

Dr. Judy Ho is a clinical and forensic neuropsychologist, and is Associate Professor of Psychology at Pepperdine University's Graduate School of Education and Psychology. She’s appeared as an expert contributor on over 100 shows, including Dr. Drew, CNN Tonight, and Outside the Lines, and co-hosts the CBS daytime talk show Face The Truth.

Her new book is Stop Self-Sabotage: Six Steps to Unlock Your True Motivation, Harness Your Willpower, and Get Out of Your Own Way, It's one of the best explorations of the practical application of CBT we've read - and it has our full recommendation.

If you'd like to start making real, positive changes to your brain and your life, but you don't have a lot of extra time, then you may want to check out Rick Hanson's new program: Just One Minute. Use the code BEINGWELL at checkout for 10% off the purchase price.

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00:52: Why did you choose this particular topic?

01:57: What are the evolutionary roots to self-sabotage?

04:44: Primary ways people self-sabotage.

09:59: Working with self-concept.

13:13: The power of the "dreaded experience."

15:40: Managing social fears.

25:00: The roots of the six triggers.

28:19: How to update your self-concept.

33:00: How can we get better at learning.

37:00: What’s the most important thing you do inside your own mind each day for your own well-being?

40:13: When your virtues are not valued.

45:41: If you could go back in time and tell yourself something, what would it be?

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