42 minutes | Jan 3rd 2017

8 - Kae Cox

My good friend Kae Cox joins me in my home for the first new episode of the show for 2017. Very sorry for the long delay between the last episode and this one! Kae and I had an excellent conversation about his experiences, and as always the answers to my questions were totally different from anyone else I have spoken to. I feel a little rusty after having not interviewed anyone for a couple of months, but we will find our stride again and keep bringing you these enlightening and necessary conversations. Thanks for listening.CONTACT ME:Twitter for the show: @_beingblackTwitter for me: @jamizichEmail me: johnny@beingblack.netFacebook: facebook.com/beingblackpodcastiTunesStitcherTitle Music:Jeffrey Bo Deantwitter: @RealBoDeanwebsite: bovember.commusic: iTunes
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