70 minutes | Aug 16th 2016

2 - Patric Brown

 In the second episode of Being Black I sat down with my good friend, Patric Brown. Patric holds nothing back in the stories he shares, and what he has to say has helped further my education and hopefully you can learn a thing or two from what he has to say as well. As before, I found myself wishing I had asked more questions or spent more time exploring a certain topic, but overall we both felt really positive about the talk we had. All of my interviews will also be live broadcast and then archived on YouTube and you can subscribe to the channel right here.Guest:Patric Brown - @aypbrown Music: insaneanalog.comCONTACT ME:Twitter for the show: @_beingblackTwitter for me: @jamizichEmail me: johnny@beingblack.netFacebook: facebook.com/beingblackpodcastiTunesStitcherTitle Music:Jeffrey Bo Deantwitter: @RealBoDeanwebsite: bovember.commusic: iTunes 
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