53 minutes | Aug 10th 2016

1 - Jeffrey Bo Dean

 Welcome to the very first episode of Being Black! My friend, Bo Dean, was gracious enough to sit down and talk with me. Also in the room with us was Jeff, Bo's sound engineer. You'll hear Jeff later in the episode.Bo talks about his music, his family, being a teacher, what being black means to him, and plenty more you need to listen to hear.. Being the first episode, I wasn't sure what to expect, and I thought of more questions I should have asked once we stopped recording but overall I think we did alright. Be aware, there is some explicit language.Let's talk:Guest:Jeffrey Bo Deantwitter: @RealBoDeanwebsite: bovember.commusic: iTunesCONTACT ME:Twitter for the show: @_beingblackTwitter for me: @jamizichEmail me: johnny@beingblack.netFacebook: facebook.com/beingblackpodcastiTunesStitcherTitle Music:Jeffrey Bo Deantwitter: @RealBoDeanwebsite: bovember.commusic: iTunes
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