57 minutes | Mar 3, 2019

The Art of - Being Black: RAW & UNCUT - Book Review (Draft)

As promised (sort of) the Saturday (sort of) book review (kind of).  Alright, I'm lackin'. But I did promise an episode; so, Shaa's pulling up.  It's rough and uncut review of Youneek Studios' debut comic, E.X.O: The Legend of Wale Williams.  I copped it a few days ago and it just arrived yesterday.  My BBOE eval is not based on how "good" it is as much as how BLACK it is - how much does it exude BLACKNESS.  Black is obviously a loaded term, but I simply mean does it represent distinct features of our global condition such as it is.   Being honest, I will need more time with the comics; there are actually four: E.X.O: The Legend of Wale Williams Part One & Two.  And Malika: Warrior Queen Part One & Two.  I haven't had the chance to tuck in to E.X.O's 2nd half or Malika at all.  Tune next Saturday for the full and refined BBOE The Art of Being Black Book Review.  For know, take listen to this roughneck version - laugh at me and cry with me.  It's been a helluva day! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/beingblackonearth/support
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