68 minutes | Jun 11, 2021

S2 E6: The Crit Who Stole Christianity ft. Ila Ogunchild

Being Black On Earth is continuing coverage on the hot topic of #CriticalRaceTheory - Crit if you're nasty.  This time Sse the Goodguy steps aside to make way for his daughter and social justice phenom, Ila Ogunchild.  You know her from such episodes as "Return of the Pilot Episode" and "Nappy Ain't Just Happy It's Healthy" ft. Dr. Jessica Helm, PhD.  She's back this season, now that summer approaches and school is over.  And the apt adolescent is here to school an old, tired theologian on the tenets of actual Critical Race Theory.  Prof. Randy Trahan is #Christian, orthodox, #evangelical if all that wasn't enough, he's 110% wrong about Critical Race Theory and its compatibility with that well-known superstar and son of God, Jesus #Christ.  Prof. Randy purports that to be crit and Christian clashes like KRS-One at a Klan rally.  You can't have Boom Bap and a MAGA cap. You have to choose one.   Well, Ila proves that at least one of those conflicts is not so.  In fact, activism and Christianity go together like Martin Luther King and boulevards on the Black side of town and the two go way back like church aisles.  So, tune in for the baptism in straight #facts; we may not save your soul but Ila will bless your insight. #beingblackonearth #blackownedbusiness #blackowned --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/beingblackonearth/support
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