43 minutes | Mar 23, 2019

Episode 20: Sowell, Reap Well - Reparations for Mass Destruction A Distraction

So, apparently, Thomas Sowell (poorly) wrote an essay(?), if you want to be strict, for the Jewish World Review back in 2000 about a public call for reparations to Black Americans for slavery.  Thomas Sowell, well-known Black Conservative - the Godfather of Black (Neo) Conservativism.  He's written many books on the issue of race.  He's a prominent sociologist, economist and researcher.  He didn't write that article.  At least, I don't think he did.  To me it reads like a warning to all Black people circa 1920s L.A. Times. It's puerile and menacing like White Supremacy itself - a thinly veiled threat.    Listen in, if you want to hear my brief break down of the article and follow along: HERE! #ADOS #ThomasSowell #Reparations # JewishWorldReview #2000 #BeingBlackOnEarth #AfricanAmerican #Black #BlackAmerican  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/beingblackonearth/support
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