33 minutes | Nov 4, 2019

Episode 06: The Lost Love Sonnets – Joy’s poetry to C.S. Lewis with Dr. Don W. King

Over 300 poems by Joy Davidman were never published during her lifetime and were, in fact, lost until quite recently. Dr. Don King has edited, analyzed and published them in his book Yet One More Spring: A Critical Study of the Works of Joy Davidman. During their compelling conversation in this episode, Patti and Don discuss how Joy’s poetry reveals her desires, persistence, and even her pain. Together, they also ask: Did Joy give Lewis these poems? And how do these poems reflect their love story? Quite racy in parts, Joy’s desire and love for Lewis is palpable in these lost sonnets. For more information about the podcast and Becoming Mrs. Lewis, please visit www.becomingmrslewispodcast.com
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