21 minutes | Jul 12, 2021

JW Marriott Venice: Designed for Self-Care in "Real Italian Style"

Travel by boat across the Venetian lagoon and escape onto a private island, where every step — and every plate of locally sourced food — has been thoughtfully integrated to bring you back into touch with the healing power of earth, sea, and sun.In this episode, we travel to the J.W. Marriott Venice resort and Spa, which gives guests access to the secluded retreat of Isola delle Rose. To understand the impact of designer Matteo Thun on the resort, Host Robin Bennefield chats with General Manager Cristiano Cabutti, who was one of the property's very first team members. While reflecting on what it was like to restore the historic buildings of the island and realize Thun's vision, Robin and Cristiano connect over the universal need for self-care and healing.Then, recalling fond memories of the local meals and cooking classes she took the last time she was a guest at the J.W. Venice, Robin pays a visit to Executive Chef Giorgio Shifferegger. In conversation with Giorgio about the irreplaceable value of a freshly grown tomato, the unique terroir of olives grown on an island, and the joy of sitting with friends and enjoying authentic Venetian cicchetti, she's reminded of how the concept of luxury can often be reduced to the simple act of honoring our surroundings.Whether tending to themselves at the largest spa in Venice, touring the vegetable gardens, tasting freshly pressed olive oil, or retreating into one of the resort's villas, guests come to the J.W. Venice from around the world to immerse themselves in a unique setting for wellbeing. After these conversations with the people who've worked tirelessly to shape that experience, we can honestly say that we can't wait to go back to the island.To see Isola delle Rose, the spa, and all of the green space the island has to offer, book a trip for yourself via marriott.com or read more about the resort's restaurants and bars.You can also read about wellness at the J.W. Marriott Venice, and learn about the hidden world of hotel design, at traveler.marriott.com/venice/jw-venice-design.And to explore the world's greatest destinations and get inspired for your next trip, visit us at traveler.marriott.com.
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